SFAS Day 2

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After yesterday’s work, I ended the day with something playable! The level generator adds waves as the player progresses, and removes waves that have strayed off-screen. The player must tap to swap surfaces, avoiding all walls and future obstacles.

I’m going back to work today as I’m ahead of schedule with this project, so I expect to get less done this time, but my next two goals are 1) Make it look nicer, and 2) add obstacles and collectibles!


The Level Class

The Level class is responsible for managing the waves, and for retrieving tile data for the player. It iterates through the existing waves (which maxes out at 3 before they start getting removed) until it finds the wave that the player is on.

Waves have a width, height, starting X position and an array containing their collision data. So checking that the player is on a specific wave is as simple as making sure they’re between startX and startX+width. If the Player wants a tile, it calls level’s GetTileAt(x,y) function, which then calls the appropriate wave’s GetTileAt(x,y) function, and returns that result.

Currently, the player only requests 3 tiles from above or below its current position (depending on the direction it’s falling). If a resulting tile is solid, an AABB collision test occurs between two rectangles formed from the player and the tile positions and scales.


Frog Bro

The current protagonist!

Coming from a Flash background, I’m not a huge fan of Unity’s animation tools. I find it very slow and overkill when trying to animate a simple 2D sprite, I’m assuming it’s meant for bigger tasks than that but it remains a painful process for cases like this.

So I wrote an AnimatedSprite script, it takes a Texture in the form of a spritesheet like the one above, and an array of animation data (name, frames used, and speed of the animation). The object can then be called on to set its animation to whatever you gave it, it will select the appropriate frame from the spritesheet and draw that on to a Quad.

I’m quite pleased with the result of this script, and a change of parameters is all it takes to implement a new sprite. When I have more time I’ll probably polish it and release it here.


This is all I have time to write for now, later today I hope to make a start on collectibles but we’ll see how that goes. For queries and feedback, reach out to me on Twitter @Jindont!

~ Oli S-L