SFAS Days 4 & 5

So day 4 ended up being especially busy for me, I was only able to get back-end improvements done to the project. The code was restructured to better allow for multiple level appearances and characters, since currently I was editing the prefab’s inspector variables manually to see change.

Over both days, here’s what I got done:

  • Restructured code
  • Created some more character and environment sprites
  • Improved shader code
  • Rubble spawns from broken rocks, coins can also be obtained this way
  • Score counter
  • Game states are back, and it’s now possible to lose the game

There are a couple of things I was asked to go in to detail on, I’ll try to do so on a break, that’s all for now. Next goal is to implement a high-score and total-score counter in order to unlock the extra content.

~ Oli S-L