NpSceneQueries::multiQuery Mobile Error (Unity)

Basically jotting this down here as I recall it, will try to better lay out my solutions later.

Part of this competition involves publishing your finished game to the Windows store as a universal app. After some headaches with getting the Windows phone emulator to work, I had this error bombarding the development console built-in to developer builds of Unity games:

NpSceneQueries::multiQuery input check: distance cannot be negative or zero

I got this on two different occasions, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of documented cases of this happening out on Google. One Unity forum thread I found had multiple devs experiencing this issue when developing for Android, people seemed to think that the problem was caused by the physics engine.

With that as my only clue, I set out to try and make the error go away.

First Thing to Try: My protagonist is able to wall on ground and ceiling, when it switches to the ceiling I was inverting its Y-scale, having a negative scale seemed to cause this error first time. Removing the scale inversion in favour of adding upside-down versions of the character’s sprites fixed it. Having now encountered this, I would personally advise against using negative scales (for all I know this may have already been common knowledge to some?)

The Next Cause: Was Physics.Raycast. This is more of an issue to resolve, my protagonist has a function that returns true if it collides with an obstacle, triggering a lose game sequence. I’m using basic geometry to handle collisions with the environment, but this won’t work for enemies and dynamic obstacles. I’m going to attempt swapping raycasts out for OnCollision/OnTriggerEnter checks